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Exchange BFK to PST Toolbox

Steps to Convert Mailboxes from Exchange Server (.BKF) to MS Outlook (.PST)

Online guide of the Exchange BKF to PST Software help to know, how to oprate the tool to export mailboxes or folders from Exchange Backup Files (.BKF) to MS Outlook (.PST) Files.

Step 1: Go to Start » All Programs » Exchange BKF to PST » Exchange BKF to PST Converter.

Step 2: Click on "Load" option to select the Exchange .bkf file.

Step 3: Find the .bkf file from its location and select for recovery of data, Now click on "Open" option

Step 4: Here you can view the Exchange .bkf file data. Now, select the folder which contain .edb file or files and click on "Recover Selected Folder" option

Step 5: After this option software will show you two option; one for Mailboxes and second for Public Folders, choose one and click on "Ok" option.

Step 6: Then, software will recover all the mailboxes from an edb file.

Step 7: Click on the Mailbox and view its complete data.

Step 8: After viewing the data of Mailboxes, click on "Export to PST" option

Step 9: Software then shows you a list of Mailboxes. To convert selected Mailboxes, you need to select fewer mailboxes and click on "Add" option side by side. But, if you want all mailboxes, simply click on "Select All" option.

Step 10: Then, after making the selection of Mailboxes, click on "Export" option to start the conversion task.

Step 11: View the task of Exchange BKF to PST process.

Step 12: And, after completing the process, the pop up window will appear, it means, conversion task has completed successfully.