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Exchange Emails to MSG

Steps to Convert Mailbox Items like; Emails, Contacts etc into MSG File Format

Export all messages, contacts, calendar events or other items from mailbox of Exchange Database File (.EDB) to .MSG File Format in few clicks after viewing all steps of Exchange EDB to MSG Converter.

Step 1: Go to Start » All Programs » EDB to MSG Converter » Exchange EDB to MSG. After start this application move your mouse over "Open" option and click on it.

Step 2: Click on "Browse" option to load EDB file, after that you can use "Advanced Scan" option for highly damaged EDB files if it is not repaired by normal recovery mode & click OK button.

Step 3: The next screen will show a message for the successful analysis of the complete database.

Step 4: Click on a particular Mailbox in the left pane and view the list of emails with their details in the right pane. Check only those mailboxes which you want to convert. After selecting the Mailboxes or Folders, click on "MSG" option to start the conversion task.

Step 5: After clicking on 'MSG' option, software will allow you to decide the location where you can save the converted result. Now, next click on "OK" to start the EDB to MSG conversion task.

Step 6: You can view the conversion process in the next step and also you get to know the exact count of emails that how many emails you have been converted into MSG format.

Step 7: In the very last step, application shows a message of the successful conversion of EDB database into MSG file format.