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Exchange Emails to PDF

Steps to Convert Single or Multiple Mailbox Items into PDF File Format

View steps to convert all mailbox items from Exchange Server database file to .PDF file format. Export single and multiple EDB file data in PDF file format either the database is offline or online. Transfer emails with attachment in .PDF file.

Step 1: Go to Start » All Programs » EDB to PDF Converter » Exchange EDB to PDF. After running the program, move on the option » "Open"

Step 2: Now, click on "Browse" button for importing EDB file. After that, for recovering data from .edb file quickly, you need to click "Ok" but in case if you want to restore data from highly corrupted .edb file then, you need to select "Advance Scan" option.

Step 3: In the screen below, you will see the message of successfully completion of the scanning process.

Step 4: In this step you can view emails with their details and also, you can check or uncheck the Mailboxes or Folders which you want to convert or not. After doing all such things, click on "PDF" option to start the conversion task.

Step 5: Choose the location where you want to save the converted data. After making choice click on "Ok" to start the conversion process.

Step 6: You can also View the EDB to PDF conversion task here in the window below that shows the total count of the emails that has been completed already or is in process.

Step 7: At last, the software shows a message of successful completion of conversion task. Click OK to finish.