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Exchange EDB Viewer

Steps to View Multiple EDB Files Data without Exchange Server Environment

View all emails with attachments, contact list, calendar entries, notes, tasks & journals items of mailbox without Exchange Server dependancy using Exchange EDB Viewer. Also, preview data of offline as well as online .EDB file data without Exchange Server environment.

Step 1:Go to Start button » All Programs » Exchange EDB Viewer Software

Step 2: Click on Add file option on the menu bar to select the EDB file.

Step 3: After that hit on Browse option for accessing the EDB file.

Step 4: After choosing an EDB file, Click on Open option.

Step 5: According to your need you can choose Quick Scan or Advance Scan options then, hit on Add File for start scanning method.

Quick Scan: can be used for Healthy EDB file; Advance Scan: for Corrupted EDB file. Once you select scanning option then, hit on Add file option, process will be started itself.

Step 6: Click on the OK button after successfully completion of the procedure.

Step 7: In left panel, multiple user mailboxes will appear, click on any particular mailbox to view its entire data items.

Step 8: Then, complete items of EDB emails will be shown in the screen below.

Step 9: You can also directly click on an Attachment option to view and read attachments.

Step 10: You can also view the Calendar Entries by clicking on calendar option showing at the left panel.

Step 11: You can also look at the Contact list with their entire information.

Step 12: After that when you see all items of EDB files (attachments, calendar, contacts and other information), Click on Yes option to exit from this setup.